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Weekly events happening all over, with certain things happening every day in the game!

When it goes dark in the real world, the sun goes down in Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.

After the first major release it quickly became popular and the demands rose for higher quality and faster development, so I decided to appoint Synyster_Zeikku as Co-Owner to work mainly on Graphical aspects of the game. Magnius: Using some of his excellent remixes and beta testing. Hackmew: For making excellent tools and helping, overcoming some limits and help with general situations. Blues003 – Pokemon lineups for Gym Leader rematches, Zane and Axel. Magnius – Latest orange islands original mixes & beta testing.

After 5 years of development as we enter 2013, we have a small team in place of dedicated ROM Hackers. megiddo – Help with music remixing and looping some music. Pokepal17: outdoor gym building, general help and solutions, Inserting the new worldmap and tiles, some johto remaps. Jorge Zero – Testing, music and battle backgrounds. Jambo51 – Responsible for pretty much all of the newest and greatest additions to LC 3.1. Diegoisawesome – general support, asm fixes and additions.

Lead Developer & Owner: Linkandzelda Graphics Artist & Co-Owner: Synyster Zeikku Lead ASM Programmer: Jambo51 Lead Music Composer: Magnius Bug Testing & Quality Control: FIQ Temporary Map Creator: Ray Maverick Special Thanks Sometimes there’s a time when we can’t do everything ourselves and have to recruit help from external sources. Use the link below to Send A Message and we will add you to the list!

This is a list of people that we turned to for help and support during the course of development. Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the Game Boy Advanced system using Fire Red V1.0 as the base ROM.

Relive the adventures of the Johto & Kanto regions with glorious Graphics and Music, and even some new faces!

Experience a nostalgia attack like never before as you travel through the Routes and Towns of one of the best Pokémon regions ever created.

Battle Trainers & Pokémon with Real Scenarios like Water, Sand and Grass!There’s tons of new areas that were not there in the Original Crystal just waiting to be found.With the new Open Ocean, you can surf and explore the complete map, so who knows what you will find!While playing Pokémon: Liquid Crystal you will experience the original main story from Pokémon Crystal, with additional events placed in and around it.Expect to see new evil teams, rivals, and other twists throughout.


With any major project there comes a Development Team to hold things together and to get the project moving forward. Algratue – A lot of the music included in beta 3.1 & OW sprites.

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