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When your system has a dynamic address, the ISP renews your address every time you power off your modem or reboot your machine.With a dynamic address, only your ISP knows that the address refers to your specific system.NAT isn't compatible with Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) or IP Security (IPSec) or other protocols that embed client IP addresses within their packets, so if you support encrypted L2TP connections, NAT isn't an option. If your system is typical, you'll see that Net BIOS port 139 is open and accessible and that the test can easily retrieve your username, computer name, and local share name from this port.The next step is to evaluate your SOHO's exposure to the Internet. Because of its nonsecure nature, Net BIOS is the most common target for intruders.This effective deterrent prevents LAN clients from directly interacting with any Internet destination and thus prevents intruders from interacting with the clients.

NAT then forwards the outgoing message to the requested destination.

If you're not convinced you have a problem, this experience will be sobering. (To learn how to eliminate this vulnerability, see Step 5.) Save the results of this test so that you'll be able to compare before and after reports.

You can easily find an Internet site that probes systems for commonly exploited Windows-specific vulnerabilities. After you implement this article's tips, you can run this report again to verify that you've successfully reduced your vulnerability. International standards associate a specific port number with each Win2K or third-party service that supports network communication.

The more secure alternative is to pick one system to connect directly to the Internet, then buy and install a second network adapter on this system.

Connect one adapter to the hub (LAN connection), and connect the second adapter to the modem, as Figure 2, page 18, shows.

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If you are, you'll need to extend the techniques I describe in this article to properly secure Web access, VPN connections, and other custom services you provide with Microsoft or third-party applications.

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