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This means saying something like “Actually, Xena uses the pronoun she,” and then moving on.

If other students or faculty are consistently using the wrong pronouns for someone, do not ignore it!

Some people call these “female/feminine” and “male/masculine” pronouns, but many avoid these labels because, for example, not everyone who uses he feels like a “male” or “masculine.” There are also lots of gender-neutral pronouns in use.

Here are a few you might hear: A “personal gender pronoun” (or PGP) is the pronoun that a person uses for themself.

I am looking for a beautiful, smart, HIV negative lady aged 20-24.

I am looking for a sexually starved woman who is HIV negative with big buttocks who stays in Gweru. I am a 19-year-old sexy, hot DJ looking for an outgoing single financially stable lady or sugar mummy who is HIV negative and she should be around Bulawayo. I am a 19-year-old guy looking for a lady who is financially stable. I am HIV negative and I stay in Bulawayo but from Mberengwa. I am a mother of four aged 33, HIV positive looking for a man aged 39-50 with the same status. I am looking for a smart HIV negative lady with no kids aged 20-24.

For example, I’m Xena, I’m from Amazon Island, and I like to be referred to with she, her, and hers pronouns.

I am a lady aged 48 looking for a man aged 55 and above ready to be my serious life partner, strictly single and of sober habits who goes to church. I am a guy aged 28 looking for a lady to marry aged 26 and below who is HIV negative. I am a 23-year-old lady looking for a guy who wants a serious relationship and no waste of time.

If you have this privilege, yet fail to respect someone else’s gender identity, it is not only disrespectful and hurtful, but also oppressive.

She, her, hers and he, him, his are the most commonly used pronouns.

Would you be okay with me taking them aside and reminding them about your personal pronoun? If you are asking as part of an introduction exercise and you want to quickly explain what a PGP is, you can try something like this: “Tell us your name, where you come from, and your personal pronoun.

I want to make sure that this group is a safe space for you.” Follow up if necessary, but take your cues from the comfort level of your student. That means the pronoun that you use in reference to yourself.

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The best thing to do if you use the wrong pronoun for someone is to say something right away, like “Sorry, I meant she.” If you realize your mistake after the fact, apologize in private and move on.