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Inservice eduation of teachers is clearly one of the essential features of the program. solid I know some of you still haven't decided about what you might like to become when you're grown up, but that's all right.

The first need is to familiarize the teachers with the revised famiiy life education program; the second is to help the teachers in the development of their competency to handle the instructional obligations which are inherent in the program; the third is that a continuing and carefully planned program of inservice education be devised. There is still lots of time for thinking about that because it takes many years to grow up and you are growing up a little every day.

Omissions and duplications were noted and a new outline was prepared. Parts of the body such as penis, labia, buttocks, and breast can be referred to correctly in as natural a manner as can mouth, lips, eyes, and ears. (2) Give direction to sex role in life and establish positive concept of own eventual maturity as desirable goal. Whether or not this is done and, if so, the extent to which it is done, should be determined on the basis of local circumstances and conditions.

The intent was always to develop a more comprehensive treatment of the whoje area of^ family life and to eliminate undesirable overlap. t Several circumstances became evident as the work proceeded, One was that the sex education content was weak, particularly at the elementary level. The teacher who at first may feel slightly ill-at-ease in using the correct terminology will find that such usage becomes natural and comfortable with a little practice. Rather than planning separate activities through which children will learn the proper names, this learning better and more naturally can be accomplished if the teacher uses and explains the correct terminology in connection with other pupil activities, where appropriate, and when answering student questions. Children should be encouraged to substitute correct terminology for “baby” terms or slang whenever such words are used in their ordinary conversation with each other or with the teacher. The following partial vocabulary list includes words which both teacher and student should be using freely and easily by the end of the school year. (3) Learn correct terms for elimination and associated body parts — review toilet habits. In this respect, the primary consideration should be the differences or similarities in the needs, interests, problems and level of maturity of boys compared to those of girls in the same classroom.

Reassurance was provided on this point by participation in the workshop by several members of the Community Family Life Education Committee. (Duplicate same routine with girls.) Positive Concept Of Eventual Marriage and Parenthood Reading Readiness Concept, Same vs.

The header consists of an explicit serial number of the Arachne record, followed by a brief description.The list is constantly changing with many items being deleted or added, and or added, and some items being reclassified for use at a different level than previously indicated. Most kindergarten and first grade children are quite conscious of differences between male and female and are self-conscious or “giggly” when references are made to parts of the body. There should be ample opportunity to foster the concept that the private parts of the body are private, but not shameful. Food and oxygen and waste products are exchanged between mother and baby through the process of osmosis. The amniotic sac and fluid create an environment which protects the fetus until it is ready to be born. The best way to assure that one's body will continue to function efficiently and well is to give it the normal care and attention it requires. As a person grows and develops from a child into an adult, his changing body requires additional kinds of care in order to keep functioning at its best. If the mother has a disease can it affect the baby? This latter process will no doubt be accelerated as the total program of Family Life Education is expanded in the district. Sirnio, Director Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation Dr. Most of them know that a baby grows inside the mother, but are not interested in how it got there or how it gets out. Students will exhibit normal curiosity concerning sex differences. Children will need to learn what actions constitute acceptable behavior in the washroom or bathroom. As a part of their orientation to school, boys and girls usually tour the buildings and visit such places as the library, art room, auditorium, health office, main office and gymnasium. Attitudes As an outcome of this unit, it is to be hoped that the student will form favorable attitudes toward himself, others, family living and reproduction. An appreciation for normal individual differences in rates of growth and development and an acceptance of one's own rate. A desire to seek information pertaining to sex and sexuality from reliable sources as replacement for unscientific information and hearsay. A persistent regard for medical services and health consultation from scientific sources. An appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual and for the ways in which all individuals are similar. An appreciation for the contributions that families make to the total development of each person. A desire to contribute to wholesome family living by participating in family activities. An appreciation for the constructive expression of one s sexuality through the reproductive processes and within the framework of the family unit. A desire to respond to increased privilege by displaying a growing sense of responsibility for self and others. A desire to form habits which will contribute to one's well-being and to eliminate or avoid developing habits that may be destructive to optimal growth and development. An appreciation of one's sexuality as a healthful expression of his personality, 11. These images can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.Click on the negative number to view the image record, which shows additional information on the image.

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