Wsus not updating all clients

Posted by / 24-Jun-2018 16:54

Wsus not updating all clients

Microsoft's announcement recommended these steps for organizations with WSUS systems affected by the bad KB3148812 patch: In other WSUS news, Microsoft's WSUS service went down for about 12 hours on May 4. Yesterday, organizations couldn't get updates to WSUS.

The cause of the problem apparently was a Microsoft Intune service update.

Our WSUS server has been in place for over a year and appears to be functioning as expected.

We have around 30 servers and 150 client PCs and as far as I can tell all of them seem to be downloading and installing approved updates.

(00000000) This log file appears to indicate that no updates are pending, but WSUS clearly shows that there are and that CADCS002 has successfully installed them.

Choosing "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update" works fine.

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Microsoft has announced a fix today for its flawed update, known as "KB3148812".

Note that Windows Server 2016 will have this functionality at RTM.

KB3159706 also is arriving through the Windows Update service as an "optional update." The Windows Update distribution approach is being done for the organizations that have disabled WSUS systems.

Some organizations have a test fix from Microsoft, called the "test package." KB3159706 will update it.

Updates are set to automatically download but wait for manual intervention before installing. CADCS002 showed the Windows Updates system tray icon and these updates were then installed - this left 1 pending update which has not yet been approved.

CADCS001 did not show the Windows Updates system tray icon at all, but WSUS continued to show that it had 131 pending updates.

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This update was aimed at organizations using its Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) management product.