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Why did the girl attorney stop dating the boy attorney

During the last week of school Labrie brought a 15-year-old girl into a mechanical room to which he and other students shared a secret key.

That was where, the girl later told the police, he raped her, forcing himself on her despite her request that he stop.

Paul's, a 160-year-old boarding school famous for educating the elite that was recently in the news because of the rape trial of a graduating senior, Owen Labrie, for whom the performance part of boarding school seems to have been put to too much nonconstructive use.

In the spring of 2014, Labrie typed up a list for his friends of all the girls he wanted to sleep with before graduation.

The girl's father, speaking in the courtroom, also described her trauma in heartbreaking terms: "Every single day, every single second, I feel a profound sense of loss.

The defendant has stolen so much from my daughter and from my family."Boarding school is a distinctly perverse and alienating experience.

"Other boys and girls go home at the end of the day or disappear into the streets," Nelson W. wrote in Old Money, his landmark study of the American upper class.

"But in boarding school there's no privacy, no money, and no help, except from the larger family of the school itself.

Labrie's tone in persuading his eventual accuser to go out with him was winsome.

I can say that with authority, because I spent four years at one, and on good days I still manage to convince myself I emerged the better for it.

The hard part isn't being away from home, it's confinement among one's peers in one of the most high-pressure settings one is ever likely to experience.

"Welcome to an eight-week exercise in debauchery, a probing exploration of the innermost meanings of the word sleazebag," he wrote to his friends at the outset of spring term.

He added, "Can sisters be slain in the same evening?

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