Just days after being spotted canoodling at Playhouse nightclub, Amber Rose and Nick Simmons were once again hanging out with each other on a Saturday night (Oct. The paparazzi swarmed on the pair as they were about to enter the Roxy in Los Angeles.

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“You didn’t see s—, that video was grainy as f—,” he said.

While that may be true, we are not completely convinced they are not at least dating each other.

When the marriage of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa disintegrated, we all expected she would be running into the arms of her new manager Nick Cannon, who has had his own high-profile martial woes.

But the Cape Verdean beauty has gone in a completely different direction and has been seen around town with another Nick. That would be Nick Simmons, the 25-year old son of Kiss schlock rock God Gene Simmons and soft-core queen Shannon Tweed. However, video obtained by TMZ on Friday showed the two doing things together on the dance floor that were more than just friendly.

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Turns out Nick Cannon may have been a decoy for Amber Rose ...because it seems the real Nick of her desire is Simmons. The son of rock god Gene Simmons has just scored the rebound of the year. you may remember last week they went to a restaurant together but there was no overt signs of affection.“Apparently dancing in a club + helping someone to their car = dating.People are funny,” was how the mathematically inclined Simmons responded to that on Twitter. A bit more about the 25-year old who may or may not have won Rose’s heart. We’re not sure if he inherited his dad’s famously long tongue. He’s most famous for appearing on his parents’ reality show “Family Jewels.” When he is not being a son professionally he is listed as a comic book creator. The answer is absolutely everyone, because when Gene gets sick of his kids freeloading at home, he gets them out by buying them their own crib.…