I'll have to get the dogs, but maybe we can go out and, sort of, well, maybe we can get out there real quick." I reassure him, promise to hang back. It always worked better when a guy looked sweaty and smelly, I hadda believe, I hadda believe that."The phone rings."Hello? And it always bothered me when cowboys were too clean in movies, or when they wore their guns like they had an outfit on.

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Michael says to put him at the [redacted] Hotel because it's a better place for them to do things, and MK will have to go into town at some point during Tom's visit to do things he has to do. But if Tom can land in Montana on Thursday he can see MK on Friday and maybe they will also do something on Saturday. For you, and for the story." Michael Keaton speaks like a lot of water going over a cliff.

Ideally if Tom could leave tomorrow and see MK on Thursday that would be great but we know that's not optimal on the travel itinerary. Before I can answer: "I'm coming into town and I don't know what your plans are, but if you want to meet for lunch we can—we can do that. I'm coming in now, but that's for something else, some things I want to get. If you can []." On the forty-minute drive from his ranch, he calls three more times, leaves voice mails, all of them inaudible.13. Keaton is already there, slim, limber, just the least little bit jumpy, sitting at a café table, drinking coffee, in a hunting jacket, blue jeans, some kind of plaid shirt, and a ball cap, walking boots, talking to a local.

As you might have already heard from Michael Keaton, he has a list of preferred individuals whom he would like very much if you would contact regarding the profile. Notable feature: a swing-arm elevator, which must be operated by a hotel employee.12.

The list is below—if you have any trouble with reps, please advise them that Michael personally asked for them. In addition he has asked if you could read his blogs about the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Those crazy blue eyes, peering out of that rubber cocoon. Michael handled it with his eyes."You lose track of time. That time with Michael, working on that was the most profoundly creative time in my career, every day was exciting. Keaton, after recommending the croissants, with his back to the door, leans forward on his elbows—using them to hold down the wobble of the table.

Well, I'm gonna be over there later, and—are you going to school?

Are you telling the teacher you're just going to take a day off?

And also he wants you to read his profile on Grantland.

He also wants you to listen to the Marc Maron podcast and to read the piece he wrote in "Astream." I've included the note about that book here.

"I remind him that it's next door."Okay, call me back.

Well, the plan was hunting, but I have some things I need to do. Let's just see how the time, how things play out." We agree to meet at the coffee shop next door to the hotel."Can you get there? Keaton explains the day, building in an escape plan with uncertainty. He pinches an eye, does his little head tilt, which in his universe of tics means: thinking about it, giving it a shot.