While the singers have been fairly quiet about their romance, sharing only a handful of social media posts about the other, an E!News source claims they are "in love" and looking forward to a future together."They both have discussed wanting kids one day," a source told E! "When they are both not on tour, they are with each other.

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You must either have a really big dick or you must be incredibly charming!

” Me: “I can tell you what it’s not.” I love that story.

Not because a Hollywood bigwig insulted me to my face as soon as he met me.

If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t do celebrity news when writing about Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian could increase my traffic tenfold, it’s because it would be too painful for me to “analyze” the inner workings of their relationships. If you’re on a Russian mail order bride site, I would think you should try to be someone else. He may be a smart, sweet, compassionate guy with a real desire to help people. And that Anastasia Date, with $140M in revenues had a little extra cash to throw around.

My time is better spent coaching clients, reading interesting articles, or arguing with strangers in the comments section below. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that ANYBODY can be a dating coach. Build a blog, start a mailing list, see if you can convince people to trust you, and get them to pay for your products. But the fact is that even if everyone can (and does) give dating advice (see the comments section again), very few people get away with being able to do it for many years and many millions of people.

But when this celebrity-driven post went up on the Daily Beast, I knew I had to at least acknowledge it in some way: Turns out that Anastasia Date, a US/Russian dating site that is just shy of pimping mail order brides, has signed soap star and celebrity hunk Antonio Sabato to write a column for their website. As the article observes, “Those ambling unsuccessfully through the dating scene don’t want a wall covered in degrees and certificates.

Nor are they interested in Adonis-like television stars’ tips on picking up girls (the secret is to be an Adonis-like television star). That makes me think of one time when I was called into audition to be a dating coach on Extreme Makeover.

But because I’m living proof that you can find the ultimate love with a little charm, a lot of trial and error, and the ability to persevere and learn from your own mistakes. You must either have a really big dick or you must be incredibly charming!

I hope that’s readily apparent every time you read my blog. ” Me: “I can tell you what it’s not.”” Thank you, EMK, for my laugh of the day!