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We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes.... Cause sometimes when you pray you get #exactly what your heart desires........I got #My Black Queen I didn't just marry her I married my daughters new example......He was previously married to Norma Gibson, and shares 9-year-old daughter Shayla with his ex-wife.Gibson, who is best known for his racy R&B music and his role in the "Fast and Furious," has become a motivational speaker of sorts through his social media videos.If you don't know God you need to get to know Him and love Him for yourself — on very personal and intimate levels talk to him - speak your heart OPENLY and He will listen - you may pray for things and expect results now - but it's all about God's timing," The California native wrote. This year alone I witnessed my believed mother come back to life out of being on breathing tubes on life support to her walking and talking on her own again. S."That marriage was a marriage, but it wasn't really a marriage. I did it to keep her in the country," Gibson told Martinez.

In a post earlier this month titled, "Night on the town with #The Gibsons," The "Furious 7" actor shared: "This is a space that I've prayed for — for seven years if WE could make peace on behalf of our daughter anybody can. Don't ever question the power of the Lord Jesus Christ — just the look on our little girl's face says it all."In an interview with Power 105.1's Angie Martinez Gibson said the couple's sole reason for getting married was because Mitchell was pregnant and he wanted to keep her in the U. When immigration is calling you gotta do what you gotta to do so that someone you have a child with doesn't get banned for 10 years.

He is well known for his actor role as Roman Pearce in the The Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Other popular movies Tyrese has acted in are Death Race, Transformers, Boyz 'N the Hood and Legion.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Gibson revealed that he and the mother of his child have made up after years of being at odds with eachother.

In the post, the Grammy-nominated singer praised God for bringing him and Mitchell together in peace for the sake of their daughter, 8-year-old Shayla Somer Gibson."You're looking at an answered prayer. We prayed and made peace on behalf of our daughter.

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