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Who is tyler mane dating

There are the original films, prequels, spin-offs and a movie that basically erased the original series and started a whole new timeline.Now, the newest entry in the series, , will take place in a future world where mutants are dying out.

Stryker tells Wolverine he can make him stronger and infuses his bones with adamantium, an indestructible metal. Stryker then tries to erase Wolverine's memory, but Wolverine escapes.

) But a bullet accidentally hits Charles in the spine and Erik kills the bad guy by shoving a coin through his brain.

Charles is pretty mad about both the sadistic murder and losing the use of his legs, so the two part ways.

In 2023, mutants are being slaughtered by killer robots that look like giant Iron Men.

The X-Men decide to travel back in time and tell Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) that assassinating the scientist behind the bots will turn humanity against the mutants and accelerate the killer bot program.

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(Hank tries to cure his mutation, but it backfires and turns him into a big, blue Beast.) Together they defeat a bad mutant who jumpstarted the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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