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His hair looks like it could’ve soaked up the BP oil spill. This Minneapolis native is also pretty darn perfect.

He started a non-profit, after school program to teach media training and athletics to inner-city children.

The 45-year-old single mother of two was reportedly stabbed to death by her older son Uncle Justin Fawcett said the 19-year-old had a concussion while he was playing basketball a few years ago, and had been acting oddly. wrote 'I prob will be the next to die after calvin' on Wednesday A friend posted several photos of Josiah, who was a junior in high school, and wrote on Twitter: 'Thank you for being one of my best friends.

You were such a kind soul and I'm blessed to have known you.

While his list of accomplishments is extensive: two Emmy Awards, a Regional Edward R.

Rumor has it that he used to chase hurricanes in the Caribbean and chase ladies in Los Angeles — all with perfect hair. His hair looks like he just stepped off the set of a Hollywood movie. However, his hair has been playing on the starting line-up on TV ever since. His hair is standing up like a row of linemen ready to pounce! Coupled with that killer smile, Nick’s hair definitely looks like it belongs on a quarterback — dating a model. Twitter: @Liam WCVB Jake Hamilton’s hair looks like something right out of “Cruel Intentions”. I bet even the strongest winds of the Windy City couldn’t make Jake’s hair move an inch! This “Hamilton Hair” has won him an Emmy for best on-air talent (at least we believe it was his hair that helped him win). Alex studied in Miami, works in Miami, and his hair Miami! Our nickname for Alex Savidge: “All Star Alex” Twitter: @Alex Savidge Elex Michaelson has two things: a genuine, beaming smile and one fantastic flow of locks! Our nickname for Elex Michaleson: “The Elixir” Twitter: @ABC7Elex Bachman has the definitive Southern, frat boy hair. Like a strong black cup of coffee from the hills of Colombia, Dominic’s hair is heavy, deep, rich, and full. Our nickname: John “Lovin’ those Locks” Langeler Twitter: @JLangeler KING5 Scott Daniels is most known as the brother to Jack. Steve uses Garnier Fructis and American Crew products.No doubt that his hair was directly responsible for his 5 Emmy Awards and 11 nominations. We’re guessing he was president of — well, everything. It screams “vote for me.” WSB was smart to make him an anchor on their 4pm newscast. Also like a cup of coffee, it is the first thing you want to get your hands on in the morning. Perhaps most notable is the way his hair moves toward his right (our left). Here’s what Steve had to say when he found out about this incredible honor!By ED [email protected] They're all aglow for now.Newly hired CBS11 early morning anchor Brendan Higgins just posted this Facebook picture with Adrienne Bankert, likewise a new acquisition.

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I’ve never been into mountain climbing, but I may start. Blake explained that it “holds all day without getting stiff and is easy to find when I’m traveling on location.” Thanks for the tips, Blake!

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