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It is now common scientific opinion that Seismosaurus hallorum is a species of Diplodocus.

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which are almost double the number some of the earlier sauropods had in their tails (such as Shunosaurus with 43), and far more than contemporaneous macronarians had (such as Camarasaurus with 53).

Some speculation exists as to whether it may have had a defensive The tail may have served as a counterbalance for the neck.

The nearly complete Diplodocus carnegii skeleton at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on which size estimates of D.

hallorum are mainly based, also was found to have had its 13th tail vertebra come from another dinosaur, throwing off size estimates for D. While dinosaurs such as Supersaurus were probably longer, fossil remains of these animals are only fragmentary.

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No skull has ever been found that can be confidently said to belong to Diplodocus, though skulls of other diplodocids closely related to Diplodocus (such as Galeamopus) are well known.