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"They think of my reputation – Jack the Jumper – so I'm damned by what women think." For anyone who managed to get a date with Nicholson, he added that he won't even go out with them any more.He said: "I got tired of arguing with women about going to dinner.Rather than partying all night as he used to, his nights are spent in watching films with friends.

As he says in that mesmerising, molasses-mixed-with-gravel drawl, now wreathed in smoke, ‘It’s a hard-wired thing in me. He smells of expensive car-seat leather and nicotine. He allows a 30-minute interview to run on for an hour and 40 minutes as he talks about everything from mortality to drugs to heartbreak.He said he was regretful that his philandering had left him without a steady partner to take care of him in his old age.Nicholson said: "I would love that one last romance but I'm not very realistic about it happening. "I'm definitely still wild at heart, but I've struck biogravity. I didn't decide this; it just doesn't feel right at my age.His face, with those roof-shaped eyebrows, the glint in the eyes, the teeth-baring smile, calls to mind all of his most famous performances: as the manipulative Mc Murphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, mad Jack in The Shining, the drunken George in Easy Rider and commitment-phobe Garrett in Terms Of Endearment.'If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they go is for a chance to see women.

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