Who is dating the game

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A lot of the time, everything that we had couldn’t be captured, it was too much footage. When it was just down to you and Shy did you feel like it was yours to lose? I felt like there was a very real possibility that I was going home.

It was annoying but it was just another element to the competition.What has been most difficult in trying to pursue the relationship since filming wrapped?For the first three weeks of our relationship, coming off the show, he was in the studio every day.Like his baby mom, Tiffney she is a class act and he does like that.I feel like she and I have a lot of similarities, in the way that we carry ourselves. She said they’ve been together three to four years, now he was with Tiffney three to four years ago.

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I’m a ride or die girl but I want to know where we are riding to and why the hell do we have to die?