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There are a variety of reasons you might be struggling to find a potential girlfriend.If any or all of those describe your current situation than you are going to enjoy this article and find it very helpful as we have created what we think is the Ultimate Guide to Getting a Girlfriend. Almost all dating and relationship advice aimed at men in mainstream magazines, books, and media is completely wrong.The advice isn’t just wrong, it is destructive to your chances of finding a cool, hot girlfriend.Once you’ve got her talking, you can introduce yourself. ” After a conversation is sparked, you can introduce yourself. I love working with this organization but today, hanging with you, was my favorite. Text me when you’re planning on volunteering again or even if you just want to get some ice cream.”In general, the key is to not come on strong and in fact appear like you are not coming on at all. You acknowledge that opinion as something of value and you are putting her in a spotlight. Only when she is at ease with you, laughing and perhaps playing with her hair, should you begin to show interest and either give her your number (“text me and I’ll call you”) or if things look really great ask her out to get some ice-cream or coffee. With 21 contenders and a total of 161 votes, the winning pick up line is: “I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... ” With charming runner ups like: “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” “Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right? ” “(hold out hand) Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk? ” Exchange a few lines (nothing too pretentious, be honest) and then introduce yourself. Or maybe if you know some stuff walk up to a girl checking out a piece and say, “I love this time period.

So for each location and approach strategy, I’m also going to give you a script for how to FOLLOW THROUGH! Loud music, sexy clothes, and alcohol mean surface connections and games. Some girls may feel differently but there is no way I want to be picked up when I’m sweaty and stinky. Hang around the produce section and when you see a girl you like say something like, “Hey, I see your getting eggplant (or whatever). You’re like a lost puppy and her guard is totally down. This is nice because it shows you are selfless and generous which is extremely attractive. Which one of these places do you see yourself trying first? If you enjoyed this article, please share with your friends.

Here are some suggestions to help you find love or dating compatibility, all thanks to cyberspace.

I wish I could offer you a fool-proof pick up line but in my opinion, it doesn’t exist. You know there’s a new exhibit happening over at the __________, I’d love to take you if you’d like to join me. I’m not saying all women get overwhelmed the minute they walk into home depot but I know a lot of us do.

But emotionally she doesn’t feel any attraction for you.

As a man, you must know how to talk to girls in a way that creates an emotional response.

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This guide was designed to reveal the truth about what girls are attracted to, and exactly what kind of behavior will help you score a girlfriend you would be proud to bring around your friends.

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