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Us voice dating llc company

Do you want to protect yourself as you age from landing in a government run nursing home?

Do you want to rely on others for your own lifestyle should you be hamstrung by a long term illness?

They worry that outsiders can’t examine how the algorithms work, since the software is usually proprietary, and so citizens have no way of knowing what data the government is using to target them.

They also worry that predictive policing is just exacerbating existing patterns of racial profiling.

Jerry Love, National CPA Financial Literary Commission, tells us how to protect ourselves and our lifestyle tonight.

Are our loved ones do the right things for end of life care?

And police departments all over the country have adopted predictive policing software that guides where officers should deploy, and at what time, leading to reduced crime in some cities.

At a smaller and more limited scale is the even more sensitive area of child protection services.

From the credit card offers we receive to recommendations we see on Netflix and posts we see on Facebook, ads and marketing are the obvious example of our personal data being aggregated and analyzed to make predictions about us.

National security–facilitated by massive and sometimes illegal data collection by the government–is clearly another.

Read More Have you ever been at the center of history?

I ask that question because for my whole life, I have been chasing history: driven by the desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be a part of a moonshot.

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