The following Assembly resolutions and MSC Circulars are available for free below or at Centre/Indexof IMOResolutions/Pages/COMSAR Circulars are available for free below or at Welcome to SAR Steam, your online resource for everything pertaining to South African Railways steam.

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This has really helped a lot of people build their own live steam locomotives in pretty much any gauge.

The only thing that has always let me down has been the postal system, and getting the drawings to you as fast as possible.

What I have now done, is I have uploaded my entire library so that once you purchase drawings or e-Books, they will be instantly available for you to download.

Anyway, there is a lot of content on this site that I am sure you will enjoy.

Please bookmark this site as I will be updating it with a photo gallery which will have thousands of SAR Steam photographs, as well as some new Steam Stories.

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