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Updating with ignite ux

You can choose two different methods to cold-install HP-UX 11i v3 on a supported system: Ignite-UX addresses the need for HP-UX system administrators to perform system installations and deployment, often on a large scale.It provides the means for creating and reusing standard system configurations.If you try to remove the installation filesets, they may fail because of dependencies.The fix is easy: Just add the option –x enforce_dependencies=false to the swinstall command line. If you wish to install directly from media, you should use the instructions from “Installing v Pars with Ignite-UX on PA-RISC” or “Installing v Pars with Software Distributor ”.For information on the typical time needed to update the OS version, see the Update-UX allows for both the OE and v Pars bundles to be updated in the same session.This section describes how to update an existing A.03PA-RISC v Pars environment to the latest A.04PA-RISC v Pars environment.

Beechglen provides project consulting to create and certify Ignite images.Q: I need to upgrade my Ignite/UX, but I have heard two different approaches: remove and install, or just install. This is especially useful for Ignite network servers. The main reason for a simple install is to retain previous settings and configurations.See the Ignite-UX Administration Guide and Using Golden Images with Virtual Partitions for information on how to setup your Ignite-UX server.means installing system software on a new (does not currently contain an image of HP-UX) or existing (contains an instance of HP-UX that you are willing to completely overwrite) system by completely rebuilding the root volume group, erasing the existing operating system and data on that volume, and installing the new operating system and specified software and data.

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It provides the ability to archive a standard system configuration, and to use that archive to replicate systems, with the added benefit of speeding up the process.

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