Updating perl cpan

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INSTALLING BIOPERL FROM GITHUB The very latest version of Bioperl is at

If your distribution does not package bioperl, or if for some reason you prefer to install it from source, then continue reading.We want the developers to be able to able to easily test their code with different versions of perl, so we need to allow multiple versions to be installed at the same time. We’ll probably have the systems team install ready-built and read-only perlbrew perls on all the machines via scp.We’ll use perlbrew as a way to get a set of perls installed but the actual selecting of a perl via PATH etc. Major versions of perl aren’t binary compatible with each other.It’s important to test our code with the latest 5.10.x and 5.12.x releases along the way.That way if we do hit a problem it’ll be easier to determine the cause.

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