Updating name on social security card casual dating seattle

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Updating name on social security card

This was under my Married Name exactly as how it was on EAD/AP Combo Card.Presson ( I only went back to the SSA Office to have the conditions lifted on my card just recently because I’ve only remembered it about a few months ago, when we tried to apply for a Joint Credit Card. I’ve only gotten the chance to have the conditions lifted on my Social Security Card recently because I work during weekdays.If you are a current student or you are an admitted student who has recently registered for classes and wish to correct an error in your name or social security number, you may write a letter to the Office of the Registrar and enclose proof of the correct information.Letters should be sent to: Students can also visit a Student Services site and fill out a change request form.A: To update or correct the name on your Social Security card: Learn more at A: You do not have to report a lost Social Security card.

Learn more about us Visit our FAQs This web site requires cookies to be enabled to work properly.Follow the steps below for your browser to enable cookies, then CLICK HERE to proceed.I am a current student and/or an admitted student who has recently registered for classes and discovered that U-M has an incorrect social security number and/or name for me; what do I need to do to correct this information?It is important to note that when your Immigration Status changes from non-immigrant (K1 Visa) to Permanent Resident (AOS Approval / Green Card recipient), that your Social Security Card’s restrictions can be lifted.To illustrate, I have here the Social Security Card that I received right after getting married.

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The Social Security Card with “Valid For Work Only With DHS Authorization” I received after we got married.

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