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Updating garmin maps using torrent

It is up to date and works fine on my gps and I have had no trouble with this site in the past.

@Blue Flag regarding steps by which I made u Torrent work...

Anything I do after that does not reveal a 'gmapsupp" file.

I do get a bunch of individual files as but nothing close to the correct filename.

I have been using this site for a couple of years now and the poi files have been as exact as one would wish, I suppose the reason I'm back, is again to update before taking my next journey to unfamiliar territory. First, as a newcomer to in-car satnavs thank you to everyone for the useful tips here.

As far as the free speed camera POI downloads for my Garmin is concerned, how up to date are they please?

If necessary I guess I could register to this site. Select your country, select your camera POI updates, save them and use on any popular GPS brand. Kind regards Tina The GPS Data Team has the latest safety camera database for Garmin, Navman, smartphones, Tom Tom and many other popular pocket, windshield-mounted and built-in GPS brands.(My 32GB SD card is in the computer (with the "Garmin" file now made); once updated, the card will go into my Garmin 255W unit.I was following the Instructions page right up 'til it didn't work any more.) Any help on what to do with the received Torrent file will be much appreciated.I went to , selected the United Kingdom and Ireland link, 'Download Map with Bit Torrent', open with u Torrent (default) ok (because I have u Torrent installed - you may use another), then u Torrent opens up and asks where I want to save the zip file and I accept the downloads folder, then u Torrent starts downloading the United Kingdom and Ireland Garmin Map 20It downloads at between 250 and 400 k B/s which is fairly fast from my experience of torrent downloads.

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