Updating embedded files

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Updating embedded files

Without going into the hook, like I said, the code isn't pretty. Basically because it uses Sub Update Embedded XLSX() Dim workbook As Inline Shape For Each workbook In Active Document. Type = wd Inline Shape Embedded OLEObject Then ''# Excel. They are often script-able, letting possible to implement some kind of software update mechanism.However, I found some drawbacks in this approach, that let me search for another solution, based on an application running on Linux: Not all peripherals supported by the kernel are available with the boot loader.A complex logic can be easier implemented inside an application else in the boot loader.

In only a few cases it is required to update the boot loader, too.

There are a lot of different concepts about updating the software.

I like to expose some of them, and then explain why I have implemented this project.

In fact, updating the boot loader is quite always risky, because a failure in the update breaks the board.

Restoring a broken board is possible in some cases, but this is not left in most cases to the end user and the system must be sent back to the manufacturer.

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In the former case, a global template (such as or a custom one you create and put in the STARTUP folder) or in the later case, just run code behind of one document. The Send Keys statement really messes with the Num Lock on my keyboard. What I did was create bookmarks in my Word Doc Template.

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