Unwritten rules of dating

Posted by / 13-May-2018 15:40

Gay guys have no problem with this; overall they make it quite clear they want to carry on having sex afterwards and whether or not they’re looking for anything serious.So maybe what we can learn from all this is quite simple: be honest.If you’re on an app, you’re probably kinda thirsty and DTF or at least curious. Have you ever seen that meme ‘when you’re 46 weeks deep into lurking and you see something you don’t want to see…’ yeah, that’s why you should avoid doing it.But much like real-life, if it doesn’t happen right away, it probably won’t happen. Some things are better left unknown and left to fate.None of my friends use or Guardian Soulmates and the sheer immediacy of dating apps is a whole different playing field to traditional ‘online dating’ or meeting someone IRL. The online playing field is fickle, fast-paced and essentially, entirely superficial.

The same goes for some of the most common unwritten dating rules. The online dating business is thriving, algorithms for dating chemistry continue to get tweaked, and now there are apps for finding singles in your area, like Tinder.

Let the guy follow you first and don’t let this liking-game go on for too long otherwise you’ll just become Insta-friends rather than sexy friends. Irrespective of what people say, whether he takes you out for dinner, for a drink, whether its 10am or 10pm, you’re both there for one reason.

It’s just about how many hoops you both jump through to get to that end goal.

With all this inter-connectedness comes some incest.

These algorithms can present you with someone great but they can also present that person with your best friend too. You’re not officially dating this person, it’s technically fair game.

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