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Besides the age gap of nearly 20 years between them, the pair couldn’t have been more different.

Ziuzina, the only child of a former Soviet air force engineer who became a toilet cleaner in later life, grew up in the run-down Troyeshna district of Kiev.

It was while she was battling for a share of Barry’s estate that Ziuzina met her latest partner, wealthy property developer and then father of two Ivan Lister, who told the Mail in 2013: ‘I’m supporting her through whatever happens.

It’s fine.’Home now for Ziuzina is a long way from her poverty-stricken childhood in Kiev.

We can reveal that ‘gold-digger’ Ziuzina was awarded legal aid by British courts as she tried to get hold of as much of Barry’s £1.5 million fortune as possible, including two properties in Kiev and three in the UK. ’For while playing the role of the grieving widow, Ziuzina was using the internet to meet other men.

Barry’s brother Shaughan Pring told the Mail: ‘After Barry was murdered she came to his country, Britain, to use taxpayers’ money to claim his assets.‘It is absolutely ludicrous. It shows you just how stupid this country is — that they give legal aid to anyone without doing thorough checks.‘Ziuzina tricked Barry, claimed everything, then ends up living like a queen in a villa in Spain. Barry met Ziuzina in 2006 through a dating website called Elena’s Models, which matched Western men with attractive young women from the former Soviet Union.

If any foreigner visits vinnista try to get him as your taxi cab driver.

When he took me from Nikoleav to Vinnista he showed me the city of Uma, he took me to a very amazing park, it was just fantastic.

Dr Elizabeth Earland’s extraordinary verdict at an inquest in Exeter this week is the closest the Pring family has come to official backing for their claim that Barry was murdered for his fortune by his ruthless young wife.

Moreover, Spanish land registry documents show that 16 months ago Ziuzina found the money to buy the house to share with her wealthy boyfriend, who also owns his own £2 million home in London.

Ziuzina has also purchased a £130,000 apartment for her parents, Olga and Valeriy, who now live nearby.

From the very moment they heard about his horrific death in Ukraine, Barry Pring’s family suspected foul play.

The 47-year-old British businessman, who had flown to Kiev to celebrate his first anniversary with his Ukrainian bride, was killed instantly when he was hit by a fast-travelling car with no headlights while waiting for a cab on a remote stretch of motorway outside the capital in February 2008.

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