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“There is nothing I say that people don’t tell me: ‘You just put words to something I have always felt, or known, or sensed,’” she says.“I didn’t invent a thing.” The only real backlash over the book – which has been published in 25 languages – concerns her assertion that infidelity doesn’t need to be confessed.“This wholesale sharing and constant transparency deprives us of a certain mystery, of an ability to remain curious about one another,” says Perel. It is a paradox to be managed, not a problem to be solved.” Furthermore, we have come to see sex as the barometer of the health of a relationship – for the first time in history it has become not a function for procreation, but a defining factor in marital happiness.“It is a real experiment to try to bring together two fundamental human needs – our need for security, and our need for adventure – in one relationship, to ask the same person to make us feel safe and stable, and make us feel playful, mischievous and adventurous.” So, are the two fundamentally incompatible? “And happiness has, in turn, become the defining feature for staying in a marriage or not. Perel’s European upbringing gives her a certain perspective on her subject matter.

They were detained in United Arab Emirates for having sex outside of marriage even though they are engaged to be married and are not even from that country.Across the kitchen table in the Tribeca loft she shares with her husband, Jack Saul, the Belgian-born Perel is at pains to explain that she isn’t against intimacy per se.“It’s not that I don’t value intimacy or security – of course I do.New York: where the therapy and self-improvement industry is as booming a business as finance or fashion, and throwing thousands of dollars at emotional issues is the norm.Whether all the sharing and soul-baring is actually efficacious, however, is another question entirely.

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When we meet she is sporting a tight, sleeveless, gauzy black top, showing off toned, tanned arms and wrists bedecked in bangles.

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