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Stonehenge dating wikiepedia

Yes, STONEHENGE is about to undergo a MASSIVE MAKEOVER – so that by the time the next little ditty of a concert takes place around those parts – WE’LL BE CELEBRATING PARADISE – THE NEW JERUSALEM – THAT’S IT (they’ll probably be a little crowd off to the side with this little revelation rejoicing – but that’s just fine – it’s the “remnant” that God’s after and I guess that’s exactly what He’s going to get) – the great giants of archaeology and metrology and now geometry have done the measuring and the science and now the final answer to this most intriguing of mysteries awaits our simple and easy to understand declaration. Sacred Cubit) = 360 or 36’ * 21 = 756’; therefore, there are 441 little square boxes each 36’ by 36’ by 36’ by 36’ …. Now – watch this: 3,969’ / 2.1’ (Sacred Cubits) = 1,890 Sacred Cubits (not even rounded – whole numbers! Don’t be a fool – this is naught but happenstance – an idiot could have concocted such on their off-day! So – tell me if this will convince you of the absolute DOMINANCE of the Sacred Cubit and the Imperial Mile which incorporates the “essence” of the Sacred Cubit – and pray tell why, oh why have the Brits and the rest of the world given up on the Imperial Foot, Mile, Inch, Gallon, Pound, Fahrenheit, – you name it – and the whole thing went metric because of a couple of guys who couldn’t measure their way out of a polar ice cap that they got wrong and we’ve been adjusting that consarn thing ever since – so, blame the Americans, who have no idea what a treasure they have in these Imperial measurements – better to have kept the mile out of ignorance than to have thought we were smart and gone for the metric!The Sacred Cubit is ALL OVER STONEHENGE and THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA —- MAJOR DISCOVERIES – my mind is totally blown – this is absolutely full-proof and will excite the Sacred Geometry Community BIG TIME — I’m totally into it now but the comparisons between the two are startling…let me just give you a preview (but before I do; let me disabuse those who are so absolutely confident that the Egyptian Royal Cubit had anything to do with the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza – it didn’t – sorry, stay tuned for what did! )…so, as it turns out – if we “square the circle of Stonehenge using 3969’ as its diameter/sides we ALSO have a platform of 441 little squares at 21 by 21 little blocks and what be the size of these little critters? / 2.1’ = 1,890 Sacred Cubits or 189 * 21 = 3,969 (our diameter and base edge measurement of the SSS) … And, of course, check this out: 756* 3 (cubing one of the 441 little squares constituting the 21 x 21 huge platform of Stonehenge) = 2,268 Linear Feet – which is, of course a digit sum of “18? Now, that said, the elevation of the Great Pyramid of Giza has “somewhere between 480’ and 481’ in its height – so take your pick – but I’ve got news for you – our little 480.69 Feet is just shy of several others like Petrie and a pot load of others (and no, no one was smokin’ as far as I know); however, I am now convinced that the ratio of 1.57 can be maintained and is maintained via this: The true elevation of the Great Pyramid of Giza must be calculated by using its base edge of 756? And watch this: 3,969’/2,520’ = 1.57 or this 1,890 (Sacred Cubits) / 1,200 Sacred Cubits = 1.57.Two sets of “18” as in “18” and 1 8 9 = “18 but more so, because the number “9” is 100% the last of the numbers (with “1” being the first) and is He not the “First and the Last? So, “9” is the Sun of Righteousness and He’s out for His “18” – the New Jerusalem – DON’T YOU LOVE THIS STUFF? After all – all that we could produce is “432” (you need His fullness). Of course, the New Jerusalem – therefore: 864,000 – the diameter in miles of the Sun or 864 minus 846 = “18” and there’s the New Jerusalem!All I can do is thank God Almighty for the Brits and their God-ordained brains – even their atheists seem to have them (sort of) – but perhaps Richard Dawkins may have lost his mind in that he’s now pushing for all Brits to read the King James Version of the Sacred Canon – oh, well, miracles do happen! But we must measure the Avenue’s Width – it is 47 Feet and what of the two parallel ditches of 12 feet wide on either side – don’t forget the DITCHES!! We may think these but worthless ditches – the gutter and all…but, these be greatly esteemed!! The Sun (864) reaches His fullness when the New Jerusalem is added into the Avenue leading up to Stonehenge as in 846 18 = 864! ) Wait until you find out that there are “13 Circles” which can be formed around Stonehenge – equaling the 8 planets of the Solar System and the 5 dwarf planets and then, of course, ALWAYS THE ALTAR – the inescapable Altar Stone–”GO MEASURE THE TEMPLE” – “AND THE WORSHIPER AT THE ALTAR” (Rev. And you want to know why there are 56 Aubrey Holes?The surrounding circular earth bank and ditch, which constitute the earliest phase of the monument, have been dated to about 3100 BC.

This work is really going to change how we look upon this ancient site of antiquity…

Aubrey Circle/Stonehenge…the answer and key to Stonehenge is the 360 degree circle– there’s much, much more coming on the heels of these things initial rumblings – MUCH MORE – may the Creator grant me breath to complete them as was the case with the great Australian astrophysicist, Dr.

George Fredrick Dodwell…who finished Stonehenge just before he departed this earthly clod…. 2008) the intensity of the geometric ramifications of Stonehenge – and I wholly concur – but everything about Stonehenge is such an incredible demonstration of the New Jerusalem – JOHN MICHELL (my hero) WAS SPOT ON – and far more so than he had any idea! The New Jerusalem linear 12-edged prime measurement in 18,000 miles (i.e., 12,000 furlongs/stadia = 660 Feet * 12,000 = 7,920,000’ * 12 edges of a cube = 95,040,000 Linear Imperial Feet / 5,280 feet (one mile) = 18,000 Lovely British Miles and so “18” is the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement) – even so – for a miniscule example the “Interior Blue Stones – 19 of them” were brought some 180 miles from where they were found to Stonehenge – do the math under the guidance of the Imperial Mile and , the Sacred Cubit which has been around since the time of Creation and all such “creatures” REJOICE!!

For this is the finest expression of the New Jerusalem – if there ever were one – it is superior to anything we’ve seen – it is absolutely exquisite and it is being revealed to us in these bitter days of testing which await us all (if we haven’t entered into them yet)…is there hope? Is the Creator – the One who inspired Stonehenge way back around 2,500 B. still with us in-spite of witches and warlocks who claim its Sacred environs?

You better believe it – these measurements confirm that Stonehenge belongs to the Eternal God – Maker of Heaven and Earth and His Divine Deliverance for all humankind – and YES, we desperately need to be delivered before we blow ourselves to bits!

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It is a national legally protected Scheduled Ancient Monument.