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Sterger dating

One of the all-time best quarterbacks in NFL history, the Ol’ Gunslinger became royalty for taking chances on the football field, firing the pigskin between tight windows and playing with the heart of a fucking champion.After becoming every football fans’ worst nightmare thanks to his flip-flopping during his final days in the NFL, Favre became the nightmare of a certain Jenn Sterger in 2010, when, as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets, she received more than a few dick pics from the future Hall of Famer.And in storyline, ever since the engagement, they have changed it from Rusev and Lana being enemies to Rusev still having the hots for Lana and Summer clearly being the substitute, as opposed to the replacement.With the story breaking, WWE turned it into storyline.

The idea they were blindsided by this wasn’t the case.This story broke less than a week after WWE started an angle on the October 5, 2015 edition of where Summer Rae had just proposed to Rusev, and he accepted, with the proviso that he first had to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before they could get married.The fact Rusev had gotten engaged in real life to Lana was known to the higher-ups, and there’s little doubt in my mind the decision to do the angle with Summer Rae on October 5, 2015 was due to it.She called him a narcissistic, egotistical, jealous, lying, cheating bastard and slapped him in the face.He grumbled some stuff in Bulgarian and it was over.

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(Based on this week’s injury report, Rodgers is injured.) The fifth one struck a nerve.

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