Independence, cool classes, new friends, parties, and... Taking out student loans can be scary, especially if you're not used to handling your own finances.

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Besides, you don't have to worry about it until you graduate, so it doesn't really matter now. When you sign the agreement, you feel like you're selling your soul at the same time. You probably shouldn't have gone shopping with that refund check. You're only a freshman—why you are thinking about this now?! Forget parties and friends, you're going to have to spend the next four years working ten jobs when you're not studying just so you don't spend the rest of your life paying off your college loans. Plus, there are tons of tools to help you with your loans when you graduate, like this awesome organization that helps you pay back your loans if you volunteer!

You should have put that money in a savings account to help pay back those loans someday. What was your reaction when you first took out a student loan? MORE:13 Times Tumblr Got Really Real About Student Loans College: Expectations vs.

Our excerpt from last week features how to navigate the early stages of dating via TWO callers ( and you can follow us on Twitter here: Love Dating Thursday, 3/20/14 - what does a men's magazine have to say about letting her down gently?

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Fingers will fly as if you’re translating a Kanye West freestyle into sign language… For instance, say I Goggled my breakups name, maybe I’d learn she was a runner up for Miss Teen Oklahoma while simultaneously finding out that I’m a huge stalker.

Destyle – In a dismal attempt to be cool, you hit the town flapping money and talking game like you’re a P-I-M-P. Beeression – It’s time to drink that person away, and you’re not stopping until consciousness is lost, or pants are peed.If someone asks about the ex, you might nonchalantly sip your beer and respond, “Oh, that person I used to hook up? You’re the lowest loser on the loser pecking order (known as a leaper loser). In a fit of Beeression you may slip back into a stage of being AIMgry and under the auspices of a drunken stupor you may come up with some stellar ideas.Back in college, I remember after a break up, one of my “bros” watched me spiral into misery and he made a rather insightful comment about people ending relationships.He said, “Dude, you’re totally going through the five stages of loss: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.” His Psych101 wisdom, while not comforting, inspired me to write this “observation” on the college breakup.AIMger – In a flagrant showing of maturity, you decide to confront your problems on the Bar-Goggling – This is the pitiable stage where you realize that person is not coming back.So you log onto AIM, sit, and wait like Charley in a trench for that away message to come down so you can bombard that formally special someone with a barrage of “wtf”s and “OMFG”s. In your lament, you may enter their name into a Goggle search with the intent of learning secrets pertaining to their lives.