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Srtipper dating

Just like Magic Mike dreamed, Dan is part-owner of the club where he works—but just a small part.

I think what I’d actually like to do is just theorize on why dating one would be amazing.

— whereas in the prototypical female strip club, it’s one of arousal and, oftentimes, depression. They can make you feel like your own career isn’t progressing.

Which is all just another way of saying: I feel justified in having gone to see Magic Mike. They can make you question yourself: Why can’t earn more money/network better/find yourself fawned over by some buxom assistant?

But Jenna Dewan-Tatum did it—and married him—albeit after Channing Tatum's days at the club. Except Dan sheds his clothes to disco tunes for money.

And right now, Eleni, 24, is dating an exotic dancer who is still working the pole. Dan was fully clothed when they met at a party at the man mecca where he collects dolla bills.

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it is depressing to know that some women think that the only thing valueable about themselves is their body and what they can do with it.

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