All the participants have a single family houses in the suburbs with backyards.We took inspiration from concept phones such as Nokia 888, which allows user to interact with friends and family at all times and acts as a ubiquitous device that the user can wear at all times.We tried to probe into what makes online games so engaging, and how principles of social sharing could be incorporated into our product.

Then, we asked questions during the one on one interviews that were open ended and allowed participants to talk about their own experiences with minimal interview bias.

They were encouraged to think about their daily lives as a family, their favorite memories in the backyard, family social activities they most enjoyed, and the types of activities that their children enjoy.

Generally, we found that our participants mostly use the backyard for family get togethers and celebration of events.

Backyards present an opportunity for families to learn and grow together.

We designed Sprout as a way to help parents and children spend more time playing together in the context of the backyard Our final video (2 minutes): Sprout Interaction Design Video from Diana Chen.

on Vimeo Our process began with research into currently existing technologies, then a brainstorm of over 50 possible ideas that fit into our scope, and followed by one on one interviews in order to better understand the needs of our users.

Interviews were conducted on a one on one basis with four parents that have at least one child, ages three to eight as well as a teenager.

Then we conducted a brainstorming session of possible concepts.

Ultimately, we decided that we would let our users tell us their needs and stories, so we kept an open mind instead of attaching to any particular concept.

Many of our original 50 concepts had merits, but not all of them were appreciated by our interviewees, who held professions such as attorney, homemaker, student, and writer.

We took their diverse interests and common needs into account as we refined our concepts.