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By 2004 about 57% of global companies were working with the balanced scorecard (according to Bain).Much of the information in the commercial sector is proprietary, because it relates to the strategies of specific companies.And NMDP had to focus on impact if it was going to double its transplant rate to 10,000 per year by 2015.More In July 2008, Veolia Water NA gained leadership of the public/private partnership market.Senior leadership was convinced that a more formal strategic planning and management system was needed to develop and implement an aggressive growth strategy for Veolia Water NA.As part of the implementation, they also planned to weave the system into an ISO 9000 - focused management framework since the Balanced Scorecard facilitates many of the principles within ISO 90001.

Their original plan is a rather large (37 MB) file, so we have removed the graphics and here we provide the text content only, in order to reduce the file size.

Public-sector (government) organizations are usually not concerned with proprietary information, but also they may not have a mandate (or much funding) to post their management information on web sites.

Mecklenburg County lacked a stable and sustainable approach to achieving the vision and it had no consistent model for making funding decisions based on priorities and assessing the bigger impact of those decisions.

The County needed to develop a model and structure for decision making that could be sustained regardless of economic conditions or political ideology.

At the time, they had no way of predicting the long-term impact of this decision but the system he implemented led to break-through performance toward achieving the County’s vision and the framework is, to this day, in use at Mecklenburg County.

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At the time, senior management knew they had to overcome some challenges in order to capture growth opportunities.

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