Speed dating amsterdam arena

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From farms to college campuses, singles are lining up to dig up some romance. Think speed dating but instead of sitting across from each other at tables, you meet each other in bed — a garden bed, that is.

Here’s how it works: Lines of men and women face each other across a row of vegetables in need of some TLC. After a set amount of time, either the men or women move down to the next partner.

To ensure an even balance of men and women, if you do not sign in at least 15 minutes before the event starts, your spot will be given to the top name on the waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes before the start time and let us know that you are present.

At the start of the event, everyone puts on a nametag with only your first name and number.

But you have to be careful about how you employ their labor, she says.

Hopefully, it would carry over to sales and attendance at other events in the future.

“To some extent the free weeding was helpful, but we could have done it more quickly ourselves,” she says.

You have to think about that in advance,” she says.

Repeat weed dating hosts like Earth Dance Farm are holding separate LGBT friendly events.

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Feel free to mix and mingle with the other participants beforehand, and keep your fingers crossed...a spot may open up for you.

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