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Southern california dating ideas

Sharing a bottle of your favorite wine with appetizers on a Gondola just a driving distance away from home would be an easy romantic date night.Bring a blanket with you; the cold breeze will have you snuggling up with your partner, and when your lips get cold, there’s another pair to warm them.They also offer a Sweetheart Cruise on the Lady Hornblower, just for two.

Finding new restaurants or going out to get your favorite Alfredo that the place down the street makes just right, can be perfect.Once you book an Exclusive Package, you will be provided with an address the day before your flight due to wind changes since the FA monitors launch ports based on weather.Upon arrival, you will be able to watch them inflate the balloon that takes about twenty-five minutes and upon entering the basket you will have attendants check the balloon for safety and security.If you want to sweep someone off their feet, let the hot air balloon do it for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the awe of the city with your partner.For those of you who aren’t keen on paddle boarding yourself through the water but still want the ambiance of that ocean smell, try doing a Gondola Cruise.

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The Puparino and Sandolor gondolas, which have been imported from Venezia, would be the best choices for two-seater parties who want a romantic ride down the canal.

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