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João Pedro Rodrigues’s sweaty tale of spiritual wanderlust and confusion has more skin than you could shake a cross at.Paul Hamy is our hero birdwatcher, out looking for solitude, who instead encounters one deadly offer of carnal congress after another.Hot bottle blonde Haley Bennett plays her as an attractive, manipulative blank—a mere triggerer of plot devices, but a very watchable a highly stylized, luscious film filled with enough double crosses and nudity to qualify as an erotic thriller.

They challenge the viewer, break some ground of sexual conversation, and tantalise thought.

In all seriousness, Yates knows how to use the camera to transform Tarzan into a pulpy pinup character, whose masculine energy oozes from his pores and whose scintillating sexiness increases tenfold in the rain.

‘s central sex scene, beginning as just two buds sharing a blunt on the beach, holds steadily on the extra details: a thumb’s gentle caress, a moment’s hesitance before a passionate kiss, and fingers through the sand.

Most movies about the sexual conquests of horny teenage boys overcome with rabid hormonal urges fail to register as "sexy." Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-nominated Mexican drama, which stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as best friends who take a road trip with the older and unhappily married Luisa (Maribel Verdú), is the exception.

Some movies are sexy because they submit to fantasy.

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