Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton while the Duchess of Cambridge is in Mustique is a definite possibility and has happened before when Wills took Jecca Craig on a getaway to Spain while his wife was out of town.Kate Middleton is about to leave Prince William and go for an extended family vacation in Mustique, which is not good news for anybody rooting for this couple.

Every Tuesday during their lunch break hundreds of Middleton High School students attend a parent-led gathering at nearby Fireman's Park that includes Christian worship and discussion.

Chief Charles Foulke of the Middleton Police Department released a statement last Friday explaining that officers were going to be present at this week's luncheon."I am concerned that groups on both sides of this issue plan on also being present on Tuesdays for 'Jesus Lunch.' That is fine and perfectly legal, but let us keep it peaceful," stated Chief Foulke."Middleton Police Officers will be nearby, not to interfere in any way with anyone's right of assembly or speech, but we will intervene if things get contentious."Foulke added that the police presence did not indicate "a preference for any side in this issue other than to preserve the peace and allow people to exercise their First Amendment rights.""Reasonable people differ over the interpretation of the wording of the lease.

I'm not worried about reasonable people, but I am concerned about unreasonable people," continued Foulke."Let's also remember that there is a high school next door and try not to interfere with the learning environment.

But please – you think the royal family doesn’t have ways to cover this up? We’ll have to see if Prince William ends up cheating on Kate Middleton this time – or whether there’s even talk of him partying more or flirting with other girls.

I think he’ll be fine if he puts his head down and keeps studying, but if he ends up partying with little brother Prince Harry? Do you guys think that Prince William will end up cheating on Kate Middleton during her Mustique vacation? Update: January 23 – Prince William was ordered to join Kate and Prince George and the family has reportedly flown to Mustique to holiday and help celebrate Carole Middleton’s 60th birthday – the palace thought that a potential cheating scandal involving Prince William would fare rather poorly in the wake of the Prince Andrew underage sex slave scandal that is currently pounding the royals, thus Queen Elizabeth herself demanded that William accompany his wife and child to the Caribbean island.

Imagine Kate’s relief, now she doesn’t have to worry about her husband taking any mysterious trips with former girlfriends while she relaxes in Mustique!

Uniformed police officers say they will be on hand to keep the peace at a Wisconsin high school Tuesday during a parent-led "Jesus Lunch" just in case tensions flare up between critics and supporters of the weekly event.

Kate’s official excuse was that she was recovering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, but doing that away from all the medical experts at Kensington? But of course, now Kate will be leaving soon for Mustique, conveniently without her loving husband, which in turn leaves Prince William all alone.

The ostensible reason for Will staying behind is that he has to study – as if!