The direct reference is found on page 234 and is as follows; "There is a black hole located approximately forty thousand light-years from the Sigma Octanus System.

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The list has been compiled to a large extent by previous generations of students.

In most cases the black hole or wormhole is incidental to the plot, but there are a few cases where it is at least somewhat central.

You can win yourself up to 2% extra credit by advising me of any science fiction novel or short story, or movie or TV episode, that involves Black Holes or Wormholes, and that is not listed here.

Please note that stories or movies merely involving time travel (like Time Machine or Back To The Future) don't count.

Moreover texts, monographs, documentaries, or other works of non-science-fiction on Black Holes do not count.

To gain the full extra credit, you must name a specific novel, short story, movie or episode (not a general series like Deep Space 9), you must have This children's story concerns a boy (Bobo) and his science experiment.Somehow he gets his hands on a Star Genesis Kit and creates a "pet" star in a protected, tough glass case, complete with an airlock via which Bobo can scoop sand into the vacuum, "feeding" his star in order to sustain itself.After feeding his star too enthusiastically, it finally undergoes a metamorphosis long after it should have burned out peacefully: it begins to collapse.When this fledgling black hole finally breaks out of its protected case, Bobo's uncle and a tray of tea cakes –along with half of Bobo's room – are the first to be gobbled up; Bobo himself only has time to imagine the headline "BOY DESTROYS UNIVERSE" before he is obliterated too.– Johann Greffrath In Eric Nylund's novel "The Fall of Reach", based on the popular Halo video game franchise for the Xbox, there are many references to astronomical phenomenon.One of these is a black hole that served as sort of a data time capsule, capturing a "pulse-laser transmission" in its entirety for something on the order of one hundred thousand years.