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Both nominees were forwarded by the committee to be considered by a joint session of the legislature.Alternatively, you can watch the 360 North broadcast of the confirmation hearing here. the House Finance Committee held a preliminary hearing on HB 141, Representative Fansler’s bill extending the Technical Vocational Education Program (TVEP) for five years through 2022.The project has however, faced some resistance from local interests and project work has been suspended under Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s administration.President Johnsen described the project as “critical to the economic life, safety and vitality” of the area.On the other side of the capitol, the Senate Finance Committee rolled out their version of the FY18 Operating Budget (SB 22/SB 24) on Wednesday afternoon.As expected, the Senate Finance Committee substitute bill fully accepted the recommendation of Senator von Imhof’s subcommittee to cut the university’s UGF budget by another 5 percent.We will be working with other interested parties to advocate against this amendment so that we retain financial resources critical to continuing to advance this important project on behalf of the university system, UAA and the surrounding area.

The bill also sets dividends at 00 for the next three years and includes a provision that caps annual state spending at .1 billion.

Alternatively, you can watch the 360 North broadcast of the confirmation hearing here. the House Education Committee also held a confirmation hearing for Regent Perdue.

The committee also forwarded Regent Perdue’s name to be considered by a joint session of the legislature.

The bill, SB 33 names two of our new state ferries.

Last week saw both the House and Senate move on several of their major individual policy priorities as both bodies start positioning themselves for end-game negotiations.

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Here’s an interesting factoid to start your week: the House and Senate have introduced a total of 281 bills since the session began.

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