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It would be a lonelier place without that support.”- Joseph Saggese, Executive Managing Director, North Atlantic Alliance Association Click Here to Subscribe Ge TS provides seamless connectivity to Customs and Trade.

Reduce the complexities and costs of Customs compliance by maintaining a single connection to the Ge Ts platform while extending connectivity to multiple Customs agencies around the world.

POST-SHIPMENT EXPORT CREDIT2.1 Definition'Post-shipment Credit' means any loan or advance granted or any other credit provided by an institution to an exporter of goods from India from the date of extending credit after shipment of goods to the date of realisation of export proceeds.2.2.

Rediscounting of Export Bills Abroad Scheme (EBR)2.2.1 General Banks are also allowed to rediscount export bills abroad at rates linked to international interest rates at post-shipment stage.2.2.2.

Therefore, the bills may be rediscounted ‘with recourse’.

However, if an AD is in a position to arrange ‘without recourse’ facility on competitive terms, it is permitted to avail itself of such a facility.2.2.7 Accounting Aspects2.2.8 Restoration of Limits and Availability of Export Benefits such as EEFC Account As stated in paragraph 2.2.6 above, "Without Recourse" facility may not generally be available.

agro based products like HPS Groundnut, defatted & deoiled cakes, tobacco, pepper, cardamom, cashew nuts, etc.) where packing credit required is in excess of FOB value, PCFC would be available only for exportable portion of the produce.(iii) Substitution of order/commodity Repayment/liquidation of PCFC could be with export documents relating to any other order covering the same or any other commodity exported by the exporter.

This intranet is designed to act as a central source of qualified expertise, information, intelligence and contacts that these specialists can utilize to better serve small to mid-sized exporters and importers in California.No matter what data format you have, send to Ge Ts and we will translate your data to the required format All services are backed up by 24x7 support via phone, email and live chat.Start reducing costs and sign up for a 30-day free trial.Exporters' Choice The exporters have the option to avail of pre-shipment credit and post-shipment credit either in rupee or in foreign currency.However, if the pre-shipment credit has been availed in foreign currency, the post-shipment credit has necessarily to be under the EBR scheme since foreign currency pre-shipment credit has to be liquidated in foreign currency.2.2.3 Scheme2.2.6 Facility of Rediscounting 'with recourse' and 'without recourse'It is recognised that it will be difficult to get ‘without recourse’ facility from abroad under BAF or any other facility.

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The repayment schedule and maturity of a self-liquidating loan are designed to coincide with the timing of the assets' income generation.

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