Today, Adobe is the most popular plugin, and who knows how much time it will take to switch off all users?Moreover, to be honest, it sounds implausible and unrealistic because of the scale of Adobe Flash integrations.

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Plugins and all software need to be updated regularly because of potential holes and vulnerabilities, which are usually detected unexpectedly.

Let’s have a look at the most popular software which has the same problems as Adobe Flash: Google Chrome: In 2014, security experts from Secunia reported that security holes in Google Chrome increased from 64 in August 2014 to 162 in October of the same year.

But, as usual, in most cases Google discloses and fixes the vulnerabilities on its own.

Facebook’s head of security Alex Stamos adhered to the same position and called for Adobe Flash player to be killed.

So, now, the main question is: is Adobe Flash really potentially dangerous and what will happen if Adobe Flash dies?

Adobe Flash is a common software for watching videos, animations, and GIFs in browsers.In order to fully kill Adobe Flash, there needs to be new software to replace the current functions they serve.The latest tidings around Mozilla’s decision to block Adobe Flash has blewn up the Internet.The main reason for such action is a series of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by hackers.Now users can see only the blocked plugin page with a warning: ‘Flash Player Plugin has been blocked for your protection.Old versions of the Flash Player plugin are potentially insecure and unstable’.