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Kennedy Onassis: "I always live in a dream world." Onassis: "I never ... I thought, 'I want to live my life, not record it.'" Evelyn Lincoln: "[Her] voice was a wedding of innocence and steel." Hillary Clinton: "Unpretentious elegance characterized everything she did." [Hillary Clinton: "Should I turn myself over to a stylist? Concentrate instead on what's important to you." Ulysses S. King: "[Hanh's] goal was peace and reconciliation, not one side winning over the other." Nero Emperor of Rome [Last words:]Nero: "Qualis artifex pereo! ) Juergen Malitz: "Augustus and Caesar had learned to feign interest in the theater and the circus. Nero did not need to feign interest." Edward Gibbon: "Nero excelled ... I don't put much trust in words." Pitt: "My frustration with acting is that I can't do quite what music does. You'll end up wearing someone else's idea of who you are and how you should look. President (R) and Civil War general Grant: "[I did not rejoice] at the downfall of [the South] who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought. [their] sincerity." Henry Ward Beecher: "Abhorring show, [Grant was] simple in manner, gentle in his intercourse, modest and even diffident in regard to his own personality." Steven J. were able to understand the suffering of both sides. That is why we did not take a side even though the whole world took sides." Hanh: "[During the war] we [young buddhists] tried to tell people our perception of the situation. We wanted to stop the fighting, but the bombs were so loud." Sallie B. But once I get up [on stage], I take control of myself. There's nothing like it." Jackson: "I'm crazy about Steven Spielberg." Jackson: "[Diana] was my type for sure, and I don't like most girls." Elton John: "He is a very kind person." Sufjan Stevens: "He had real vision for [his] show. I'm trying to make a photograph out of something you can never see." Ocean: "My aim is to make something that represents where I am at that time." Ocean: "It's pretty rad to hear Beyonce sing a song of yours or to hear [Jay-Z] rhyme over and be on a song that you're on." Brad Pitt Actor, married to Angelina Jolie, was married to Jennifer Aniston, dated Gwyneth Paltrow Pitt: "I have a hard time with morals. What's more important to me is being honest about who you are." Pitt: "I trust actions.classical [music because I wanted] a more comfortable, enjoyable, social-music atmosphere." [On Bob Dylan being booed for using an electric guitar at an acoustic festival:] Bird: "Dylan just reminded us to not get too uptight." Jonsi (Sigur Ros) Jonsi: "When I am writing music, it is magical. that there's a business side of the music industry [that has] nothing to do with writing songs and creating music." Jonsi: "[I am] so spontaneous ...I don't know why I write songs, I don't know where it comes from and I don't know why [I am] doing it." Jonsi: "Reporters want to know why I sing like this, why do I use a bow on my guitar. and everything [I] do has a huge amount of soul, but no meaning." John Travolta Actor Travolta: "All I can control is my response to input.

I'd rate him at the top." Bob Dylan Singer-songwriter [Asked about the meaning of his songs:] Dylan: "I just write them. I could picture the color of the song." Paul Mc Cartney Singer-songwriter [On his songwriting:] Mc Cartney: "I don't ever try to make a serious social comment. It's just a song." Mc Cartney: "How I wrote depended on my mood. He really wanted to be called the leader of the band. There wasn't a leader." Jagger: "[John Lennon] was educated and very smart and cynical and funny. [But] you always knew with John, you're gonna be on the end of a lot of sarcastic remarks that you weren't always in the mood for." Jagger: "I was never crazy about [Kurt Cobain and] Nirvana - too angst-ridden for me." L'Wren Scott: "Mick really has his own style, and he is quite opinionated about how he wants to look." Rolling Stone Magazine: "[Mick is] difficult [to] interview, not only because of his natural reserve and lack of interest in the past but also because he communicates as much with his ... as he does verbally: Half of what he says never makes it to the page." Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Richards: "I don't think I'm cool. I'm just being who I am." Richards: "Just be yourself is all I can say. If you've gotta think about being cool, you ain't cool." Richards: "For myself and Mick [songwriting is] a matter of, almost, necessity." Richards: "Mick and I are still great friends and still want to work together. The words just jolly it along." Bowie: "I had to resign myself, many years ago, that I'm not too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things." Bowie: "[My music has] always been my way of expressing what for me is inexpressible by any other means." Lady Gaga: "How I love David Bowie!Each one has a meaning." Beckham: "I've always loved clothes and liked to dress up." Beckham: "I've never wanted to be a manager. design, more visually driven." Marc Jacobs: "She's very feminine. She loves fashion and music and art and film, and she is able to combine them in a way that all seems [natural].It's not a passion of mine." Sofia Coppola Filmmaker and fashion icon, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, cousin of Nicolas Cage Coppola: "I'm superopinionated about what I do and don't like." Coppola: "Acting isn't for me. I'm sure she works quite hard, but it all seems effortless." Marc Jacobs: "She doesn't have that gritty hunger to prove what she knows." Zoe Cassavetes: "You want to protect her.it's all about making the best of it and losing yourself in that moment, being carefree." Leona Lewis Singer Lewis: "I'm not a loud, extravagant person. I don't show off or boast." [On why she parted ways with Simon Cowell:] Lewis: "I was asked to make a record that would not have been true to myself. I cannot make music that does not speak to my soul." Lewis: "I've stayed true to myself and I've followed what my heart says is right." David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Gilmour: "I don't find it easy to express my feelings in words." Gilmour: "I thought [Roger Waters'] songs were very wordy and that ...the music [that he wrote] became a mere vehicle for lyrics, and not a very inspiring one." [Interviewer: "How did Roger Waters become the leader of Pink Floyd? He would say, 'I think you should say that I'm the leader.' We'd say, 'Oh come on, who gives a shit? '" Enya Singer-songwriter Enya: "I am really a very shy person.

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