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It is really easy so don’t be scared even though it is in Chinese.

However, note this cautiously, you will have to request, acquire and download the certificate and key file within the first 2 hours of the installation.

Both the listed sites are in English so it should not really be a problem for a regular web junkie to complete registration and getting your signing certificate and key files.Symbian 9.2-9.3: Nokia: E51, E63, E66, E71, E90, N76, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N93, N93i, N95, N95-2,6290,5700,6120,6110,5320(v.3.08 v.3.26 ),6220(v.3.23), N78(v.12.046)Samsung : i520,i550,i400,i450,i560, G810 installserver_Symbian_9.2_9.3( 36.2 ) admin, arxon, bahaboy, dan S60tm, Doctor_zig, domers, foic, gasratova, grossvatermuh, ivanov_im, i_engineer, jay_genius, Kami4, mk5, original, pipschips, rasul76, rebell, seregabetsuk, Skorpion7, Slon-80, [email protected], . In this tutorial I will show you 2 different ways to acquire the certificate and key files for your Nokia smartphones easily.This process however is very lengthy compared to the process I mentioned above.On an average getting your Certificate and Key File from either of them will take you around and at least 24 hours to 48 hours (or more).

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Simply click the Left OK button of your phone, the application will automatically download the Certificate and Key file and ask you to name the file so that it can save on the location you specified . : After you press the Left Ok button the application will ask for the Access Point to use when connecting to the server to acquire the Certificate and Key File.

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