Risks dating someone hiv positive updating message authorization code

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Risks dating someone hiv positive

For the people who are open with their condition, Bra-fucking-vo!!!!

Because living in this lifestyle is like living in the fast lane as if you’re some type of celebrity and people are ALWAYS watching, waiting for you to fuck up and put your ass on blast. So my QOTD (Question of the Day) is: How do you feel or what is your opinion on dating someone who is HIV And to add, the fact that the person claims they will NEVER deal with someone HIV , what makes him think he hasn’t already?

I’ve been MIA, I guess, for a few weeks, but hey everyone has to get adjusted into the new year. Today I came across a post, that I’ve been meaning to blog about for the longest but never really knew how to approach it because of the impact this topic has not only on the gay community but everyone everywhere.

I get a lot of my topics from post I see on Facebook or conversations amongst friends and family.

You never know who is going thru a storm and how much your post can make them that much more inferior.” People are entitled to their own opinion, but for someone who is a part of the gay community/gay lifestyle to post such a hatred comment, I seriously do not approve.

So they put in place ways of identifying whether the undetectable partner had transmitted it to them.More importantly, statistics show researchers should have seen 15 transmissions in straight couples and 86 in gay couples if partners hadn’t been on treatment.The chance of acquiring HIV from a partner who is undetectable very well might be zero.~Dating an HIV Person~ I will not reveal the names of the people in this topic, but a post was made saying “I can’t never talk/date or mess around with someone HIV … A mutual friend screen shot and posted this on their Facebook page basically pointing out the ignorance of this person and posted, “People are entitled to feel how ever they want.They are entitled to their own preferences, but why post something like this…..

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We as the future of the gay community need to really stop this type of shit.

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