Restore iphone jailbroken without updating

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Restore iphone jailbroken without updating

Installing i Lex Rat requires you to add a repo in Cydia.

You need to download and install the Cydia app named i LEX RAT as this will provide Cydia with the recovery features that you need.

Tap the Add button you can find there and enter in the box.

Once the app is installed and fully functional you should press the i LEX RESTORE and start the restore process for your phone.

The i Phone is probably the most popular mobile phone on the planet at this point so there are thousands of people out there using it on a daily basis for calling their friends, texting, playing games or even using advanced functions.

In some regions though the phone doesn't have coverage so people might need to jailbreak it because of that, in order to make is suitable for that particular region of the globe.

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You can also do it right on the device, you don’t need a computer to do it.

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