In addition, the AICPA will be creating periodic Webcasts to brief members on issues as they emerge, as well as short video clips and news alerts that will be sent to members through e-mail.

Rest assured that the AICPA will continue to be on the frontlines in the media and on Capitol Hill, sharing the professions core values and the unwavering ethical commitment for which CPAs have always been known.

We are dedicated to restoring the public confidence in the CPA as Americas most trusted financial advisor and guardian of the public interest.

Visit more information on federal and state legislation, the professions response, exposure drafts, communications to members, financial reporting and other related issues. As a result of events at Enron and Andersen, we have what we hope is a once in a lifetime opportunity for comprehensive, lasting reform," said James E.

For more information or to register, please visit We are also working to determine the appropriate role of the SEC Practice Section within the framework of the new oversight board and to work with the SEC to establish an orderly transition of SEC Practice Section activities.

Additional regulations will be forthcoming from the SEC and the PCAOB.

We will keep you informed as this process moves forward.In the meantime, all of our standard setting work will continue.There is important work that needs to be done and it is in the best interest of the public and the profession to keep those activities moving forward during this new era.Our Council and Board of Directors have been our unwavering guide during the past months.With representatives from every segment of the profession-- seven from small firms; four from medium firms and two from large firms; four from business and industry; one each from government and education; and three public members-- the Board continues to be your voice, sharing your thoughts and concerns.As the national professional home for CPAs, we share your deep concern over this situation and its effect on our business communities and profession.