Some students pay in excess of $16,000 for a four-year diploma program.However, it is possible to find low-cost alternatives.

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However, not all colleges will accept these credits.

Private Online High School Costs: In general, online private high schools tend to be expensive.

Although it is possible to find non-profit programs, many of the most popular online private schools are profit-seeking businesses.

Some programs provide college admissions counseling, accelerated schedules, or summer travel experiences.

There are private online high schools targeted towards gifted students as well as programs designed for the academically challenged.

Private Online High School Accreditation: Private online high schools are not necessarily accredited.

If you plan on transferring your credits between high schools or applying to college, your best bet is to choose a program that is regionally accredited.

By Jamie Littlefield How Private Online High Schools Work: Private online high schools have limited government oversight.

They do not to have to meet many federal and state regulations in terms of course offerings, teacher credentialing, and curriculum requirements.

Because they receive no public funds, private online high school programs are often expensive.

However, they may offer services not always available from no-cost schools.