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Later, as Irena sleeps, Paul watches her with a predatory stare.That same night, a prostitute walks into a fleabag motel to meet a john — and is instead mauled by a black panther.Mc Dowell indicated that he was somewhat reluctant to make the film at first because he recalled the original film as "not being very good" but was convinced by Schrader's take on the material with its focus on the erotic horror elements.Mc Dowell also revealed that the scene where he leaps on the bed in a cat like fashion was shot with him jumping off the bed. Heard discussed how he almost turned down the role because he believed it was a porno movie.Shortly after Oliver arrives at the scene, Irena sees him and jumps off the bridge and escapes.Oliver realizes where she is headed and confronts Irena at a secluded lake house, she having regained human form by killing the house's caretaker.

The Blu-ray features interviews with Kinski, Mc Dowell, Heard and O'Toole as well as director Schrader and composer Moroder.Irena Gallier travels to New Orleans from Canada to reconnect with her brother Paul.Both orphaned after their parents died, Irena has been in foster care her entire life.Oliver resolves to euthanize the cat, only to find that the animal has escaped, leaving behind a puddle of melted flesh and viscera in its cage.Soon, Paul turns up and tells Irena of their family's werecat heritage.

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