“Time Warner Cable wants to gain access to that content; CBS insists it would mean Time Warner Cable was getting for free something it sells for hundreds of millions of dollars to on-demand services,” says Thursday’s article. Polyamory: Married & Dating is not currently available online, unless you have Showtime Anytime, but you can write Showtime and let them know you would be willing to purchase the box set.I know, I know, waiting can be so painful…but Season 2 of Polyamory is worth it! 8, and I can’t imagine the network will withstand millions of outraged football fans for long!!

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The new documentary reality series airs on Thursday at 11 p.m.

ET, and now Showtime has a new preview to introduce the cast to potential fans.

As the preview highlights, Showtime’s new series will follow two sets of relationships.

If you are lucky enough to find such a friend, you might just ask to move in to watch “Dexter,” “Under the Dome,” “Homeland” and “Big Brother” since they have also been blacked out.

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR MISSING OUT ON SHOWTIME’S POLYAMORY? Most Showtime programs eventually make their way online, either through Netflix or other On Demand programing.

The best alternatives are: AT&T, Uverse & Direct TV Verizon Century Link Prism | Cincinnati Bell Fioptics | Google Fiber | Grande Communications Hawaiian Telcom | RCN | Sure West Communications | WOW – Wide Open West People are using social media and Meet Up groups to get together to watch the show. I do not advocate for piracy or illegal means of watching the show, but many of our out of country fans and viewers feel they have no legal choice.Simply Tweet or FB post something like this: The San Diego Family has rented out a whole theater and will be hosting a premiere party this weekend! According to the New York Times, the “focus of the dispute” is the rights to programming packages that CBS sells to on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon.Three Millions homes in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and other areas can’t access their local CBS stations or Showtime due to a dispute over fees with Time Warner Cable.CBS is the number one network while Showtime is one of the most acclaimed networks in America and they are at a dead end in negotiations with Time Warner, the largest provider in the country.And millions of consumers are changing providers or because of CBS’s near monopoly, many outraged viewers are simply cutting their cable packages.Thousands of fans of Showtime’s Polyamory: Married & Dating don’t have a legal alternative to get the latest episodes, unless they know someone who gets Showtime from a satellite or cable provider other than time warner, and can watch it with them.