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It is defined as a concentrated epidemic meaning that the prevalence in traditional risk groups exceeds 5%.

In 2009, UNAIDS Pakistan and the national AIDS control programme estimated that there were around 98 000 (79 000–120 000) HIV cases in Pakistan, with an overall general population prevalence of less then 0.05%.

We can be proud of the' contribution that promoted and elevated family values to an essential part of society in America and the world!

" Moon, the founder of the South Korea-based Unification Church, which had hundreds of thousands of adherents at its peak, claimed to be on a divine mission to salvage humanity by rebuilding the traditional family.

Initially, he had only a few dozen followers, who met in a two-room house on the outskirts of town and were expected to sacrifice everything for the church.

"Today, family values have become an essential piece of the social fabric in America, even becoming part of the political landscape.

threw its 20th anniversary gala in 2002, conservative luminaries lined up to pay tribute, including Ronald Reagan, who addressed the packed ballroom via video.

Afterward, the paper's enigmatic founder, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, took the podium.

He and his new wife would create the "prototype of the perfect family" and give birth to sin-free children.

Followers could join his sinless family by keeping themselves chaste until Moon married them off in one of his now-famous mass-wedding ceremonies and then building strong, faithful families of their own.

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