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They are usually specialist sites, often attempting to appeal to more affluent daters who realise the benefit of keeping free members at bay!

There are obvious benefits to these sites and those who join realise this before parting with their hopefully hard earned cash!

The second and less obvious way that the free sites generate an income is through their 'sister' sites which are not free.

There is also one seemingly bonus benefit for members of these free to join but subscribe to date sites and that is that to subscribe, members need to provide bank or card details which in turn makes them identifiable and therefor traceable!Do as much research as you can before parting with any money; try Googling 'site name' and see what others are writing about the site.Online dating for over 50s is a relatively new phenomenon but can be great fun and very rewarding.Let's look at the three different types of online dating sites and examine how they survive and make money, because believe me, they are in it to make money and those who don't soon disappear.The dating over 50 sector is expanding faster than any other dating sector and simply Googling over 50 dating will bring back thousands of results and a plethora of advertisements!

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Creating a great profile isn’t difficult when you know how it is done – you just need to follow a few, simple steps.

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